When seniors consider a retirement or assisted living community, many people find it stressful to think about moving. To facilitate this transition, Lionheart has partnered with Lynda Stiles from Senior Services to prepare our clients for their next homes. Providing support with cleaning, boxing, and moving expenses, many of these services are free when seniors choose Lionheart for their real estate needs:

  • Coordination from start to finish
  • Finding a retirement or assisted living community
  • Cleanup specialists to prepare homes for sale
  • Moving and storage for household goods
  • Assistance in downsizing
  • Handyman services*
  • Arrangement for packing and unpacking*

*For this work, there may be additional costs.

Lionheart and Senior Services are ready to assist with every detail.

To enjoy a stress free move, call Lynda Stiles at (704)905-4155.